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2024 Periwinkle Awards

Friends of Oella Cemetery, for for the many positive actions taken to preserve and protect their cemetery.

The Oella Cemetery is a venerable institution, boasting the honor of being the oldest company-owned cemetery in the state. Its rich history and significance to the community make it a deserving recipient of the Periwinkle Award. The tireless efforts of the Friends of Oella Cemetery exemplify a steadfast commitment to preserving this historical landmark. From organizing regular clean-up events to restoring headstones, such as Ann’s award-winning work with Atlas Preservation, the dedication of the community is evident. By honoring the Oella Cemetery with the Periwinkle Award, we acknowledge not only its historical importance but also the ongoing dedication of those who work tirelessly to ensure its preservation for generations to come.


Janice Hayes-Williams, for individual leadership and organizational excellence at the Crownsville State Hospital Cemetery.

Janice Hayes-Williams has had a long and illustrious career in Maryland cemetery work spanning over decades. She previously received a Periwinkle Award in 2004, but has contributed significant work in the 20 years since being granted that honor.

Ms. Hayes-Williams early efforts were recognized for her dedicated work to preserve and protect the Crownsville State Hospital Cemetery. In 2004, in an effort to extend protection and preservation to all cemeteries of State Institutions she focused on the introduction and passage of legislation.

In the 20 years that have transpired Ms. Hayes-Williams work has continued unabated.

Her dedication to protecting and preserving the Crownsville State Hospital Cemetery and other State Institution cemeteries, the extensive research that has been performed to uncover information about the people buried at Crownsville, and the “Say my Name Ceremony” that celebrates the lives of those that should be cherished and honored are just vignettes of the work she has been actively engaged in. Her efforts at community outreach, the dissemination of information about Maryland cemeteries, and media accounts about her work have been both educational and inspiring. Her continuing labors for the maintenance of the Crownsville Hospital Patient Cemetery displays a level of true dedication. All of these efforts have underscored the importance of cemeteries, their role in our history, and the need for their protection and preservation.

You may watch the presentation of these awards held during our conference in 2024.

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