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Mullikin Tombstone Returned

Story and photos provided by Tina Simmons

In November 2023, Mr. George Treas, III called Anne Arundel County’s Planning & Zoning and reported finding a tombstone in the woods in the Curtis Bay area of Anne Arundel County. Dennis Green and Tina Simmons met Mr. Treas who showed them the location. The tombstone was face up in a wooded area. The Mullikin information on the headstone was very legible. The area was probed for other stones but none were found. Research was performed and no other Mullikins were believed to have been buried in that vicinity. When search was widened, a surprising determination was made that the tombstone was one that had been missing from a private family cemetery on federal land in the Laurel area, more than 20 miles away. There had been two tombstones at that location, a husband and a wife, and both stones had been missing since at least the early 1970’s. Genealogy research revealed an obituary for the man stated that the wife was buried “next to her husband”. The husband’s headstone is still missing. Their son and his family members were discovered in a nearby church cemetery.

The property owner where the tombstone was found was contacted in North Carolina by phone and agreed to the removal of the tombstone. Arrangements were made and over Thanksgiving weekend, Mr. Teas, Dennis, Tina, and her able-bodied son placed boards on either side of the tombstone, wrapped it in a moving quilt, secured it to a hand truck, and loaded it into a pickup truck. It was moved to a secure warehouse until permission could be obtained to return it to its rightful location. Permission was granted for its return, and after a failed attempt due to the weather, the stone was returned to the cemetery in mid-December.

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