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Historic Maryland Cemeteries selected as Preservation Priority

On October 13, 2016, Preservation Maryland’s new class of Six-to-Fix projects was revealed to a packed room at the Maryland Zoo’s historic Mansion House in Baltimore. This innovative impact-focused program is designed to help provide real solutions to big preservation challenges. The prestigious statewide organization selected Historic Maryland Cemeteries as one of six strategic projects for 2016-2017. CPMBS views this partnership with PM as a unique opportunity for owners, caretakers, and advocates of historic Maryland cemeteries to take giant steps forward.


Across the state, some of Maryland’s most sacred sites are endangered by environmental factors, lack of clear ownership, and development pressures.


Working closely with the Coalition to Protect Maryland Burial Sites, Preservation Maryland will help call attention to the many cemeteries that are in disrepair, organizing volunteer clean-up days while also providing pro-active information to the greater community about historic cemetery maintenance, repair, and protection.

Preservation Maryland Opens Effort to Preserve Six Important Places Across Maryland

Preservation Maryland’s new class of Six-to-Fix projects was revealed on October 13, 2016, to a packed room at the Maryland Zoo’s historic Mansion House in Baltimore. The prestigious statewide organization initiated Six-to-Fix in 2015 with creative ideas and substantial funds to help history come alive again by providing real solutions to big preservation challenges.

This year, PM selected six strategic projects with a variety of needs: from disaster response to cultural landscape advocacy to hands-on clean-ups and complex building rehabilitation planning. Projects were identified through a public nomination process and required a committed local partner. For more information, and to learn what is happening with current and previous “Six-To-Fix” projects, visit

The Coalition and “Historic Cemeteries in Maryland” were selected from a field of 30 contenders. Nick Redding, Executive Director, stated that CPMBS and cemeteries were chosen due to their unique preservation challenges, the ability to become a true case study, and because Preservation Maryland believes this opportunity can make a positive lasting impact.

The 2016-2017 “Six To Fix” Sites are:

  • Ellicott City Flood Recovery, in Howard County
  • Cultural Landscapes of the Eastern Shore – Safeguarding open spaces in Kent County
  • Newtowne Manor Religious Complex in St. Mary’s County
  • Valve House at Clifton Park in Baltimore City
  • Adaptive Re-use of the 1862 Site of Union Headquarters, in Burkittsville
  • Protecting Maryland’s Cemeteries – Statewide

PM’s October 13 event in Baltimore featured a macaw, a rabbit, and a penguin that took time from busy zoo schedules to visit each guest. Guests enjoyed a presentation, delightful treats, meeting other preservationists, and a silent auction of wonderful trips and tours. They also visited the Coalition’s exhibit, took brochures, and talked about cemeteries that needed help.

Since 1931, Preservation Maryland has worked to protect the places, stories and communities in Maryland that matter. As a non-profit organization, it works with partners across the state to accomplish this important mission and protect the Best of Maryland. Recently, a Heritage Fund grant from PM and Maryland Historical Trust matched CPMBS funds to re-design and update the Coalition website. Launched in October 2016, the website and continues to be a work in progress.

The Coalition hopes that Six-to-Fix will remind people of forgotten local burial sites and spur them on to action. Watch this website for dates of workshops and programs to share stewardship information and to inspire communities to fix their cemeteries.


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