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Effect of climate change
• Acid rain
• Sea level rise
• Neglect

Cemetery maintenance
Weed Control

Multiple cultures within the same area
• European
• Indigenous
• Free blacks
• Enslaved blacks

Drowning victims or “floaters”
• Watermen
• Ships traveling through the area
• Wars

Multiple generations who lived on the same property

Direction the tombstones are facing

Lack of tombstones
• Wooden markers deteriorated
• No one remaining to order a tombstone
• Cost

Signage in the cemetery

Permission to visit by property owner

Using other sources to expand knowledge of who is buried there

The artisans who created the tombstones

Artwork and symbols found on tombstones

Bodies and tombstones brought to cemeteries by different forms of transportation

Different styles of tombstones

Use of common names versus formal names on tombstones

Multiple versions of spellings of the same name

• Hymns
• Popular poems of the time

Causes of death
• Lack of medicines
• Lack of medical personnel
• Epidemics

Probable related family members who might be there

Military affiliations

How to do audio interpretations

Burial practices
• Funeral homes
• Deceased laid out at home
• Mourning rituals

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