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Frederick County, established 1748, county seat Frederick.

News from the County:

Noted Reinterments:

Intention of Maryland State Roads Commission to move certain Graves (1965) Whereas, the State Roads Commission of Maryland, in its contemplated improvement to US Route 15 from Frederick to the PA State Line, under the provision of Right of Way Project F-522-17-720 found it necessary to acquire a portion of the property of Robert D LEATHERMAN, which is located on the north side of MD Route 15, approximately 1000 feet west of the town of Lewistown, in Frederick Co, and Whereas, there is presently situated within the area to be acquired for said improvement to US Route 15 a burying ground contained several grave sites and markers. One marker dated 1784 has the name Ruth Engelbe MORGENSTERNIST inscribed thereon, and Whereas, the State Roads Commission of MD will, at its expense and in a decent and reverent manner, exhume and reinter or cause to be exhumed and reinterred, in the Lewistown Cemetery, located at Lewistown, MD, all the remains found in said burying ground, except in those cases where descendants may come forward to claim any of said remains for reinternment in places of their own choice, in which event the State Roads Commission of MD will fully reimburse said persons for all reasonable costs so incurred. (Portion from The News, Frederick, MD, Saturday May 15 1965)

Finding Names in Stone

Finding Names in Stone chronicles 113 small cemeteries around Frederick County, Maryland. Many of these cemeteries have been forgotten about, moved, or destroyed since Jacob Holdcraft’s Names in Stone was first written. This book contains photos of all tombstones found at each cemetery, names and dates for each stone, and translation for some of the early German stones.

Bryan Main is originally from Frederick County, Maryland. He has deep roots in the county reaching back the to mid-1700s. He has been cataloging and documenting almost all of the known cemeteries in the county for the past ten years. Bryan currently works on aeronautical charts for the Federal Aviation Administration.

You may order this book by emailing Price is $60, including shipping.

Frederick County Cemetery Mapping Project (updated Mar 2023)
provided by Bryan Main

Helpful County Resources:

Frederick County – Sailor, Maryland’s Public Information Network


Frederick County Library System                     


Frederick County – MD Tombstone Transcription Project


Frederick County Circuit Court

100 West Patrick Street
Frederick, MD 21701
(301) 694-1976


Frederick County Genealogical Society

P. O. Box 234
Monrovia, MD 21770-0234



Historical Society of Frederick County                             

24 East Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701
Frederick County Home Page        


Emmitsburg Historical Society

P. O. Box 463
Emmitsburg, MD 21727


Middletown Valley Historical Society                  

305 W. Main Street
P. O. Box 294
Middletown, MD 21769-0294
(301) 371-7582


Thurmont Historical Society

P. O. Box 251
11 N. Church Street
Thurmont, MD 21788-0251
(301) 271-1860

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