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Dorchester County, established 1668, county seat Cambridge.

News from the County:

I am concerned about a little private cemetery in Dorchester County, which is not on the list of private burial plots for Dorchester County. I have found the web site for these burial sites for Dorchester, but not a way to access and put the information that I have collected on this one private site. How do I go about putting this information on the web site? I found the web site through Cyndi’s List, but have been unable to access the site or find an E-Mail address of the person or persons responsible for this Dorchester site.

One of my interests in this little burial plot is that our family believes that sometime in the early 20th century a little just born baby girl, that either died in childbirth, or soon after was buried there. This little baby girl, born about 1920-22 was the sister to my step-father and his brother. My step-father was born first, followed by the little girl, and then the brother. My half brother, who lives in Dorchester County is interested in this burial site, and during the first week of October, this year, I went to the burial plot and took down all the names on the readable grave stones. There are several unmarked vaults, and a few grave stones that were unreadable. I did not find a grave stone or marker for my half-brother’s aunt.

There are several stones, (actually recently new stones put up, replacing older stones) for two men who served in the Civil War, and died in the early 20th century. The burial plot is in a mess, with brush, trees, shrubs, and brambles everywhere, and the plot needs to be cleaned up and the names of those buried there put on the internet and out to the public so these who are buried there can be remembered.

The burial plot is on private land, and I talked to the landowner, who is a retired farmer, and he did not mind my being there, and would not mind if I cleaned up the plot. I live in North Carolina, but get up to see my Mother and brother who live close by, My brother lives in Cambridge, and my Mother lives only a few miles from the burial plot.

Let me know how I can get my information to someone in Dorchester County. One of the interesting facts is that one of the new stones notes that the man served in the 1st Maryland. However there were two 1st Maryland regiments, one Union, one Confederate. Both these regiments were at the Battle of Front Royal. General Nathaniel Banks was the general in the Union Army there, and had 1,100 doldiers including the 1st Maryaldn Regiment under Col. John Kenly. Jackson was the Confederate General and had the Confederate 1st Maryland Regiment (CSA) and he put this unit into line against their defending neighbors. I don’t know for sure which unit the man buried in this private plot was serving.

Please help me. Thank you.

Richard Peterson
Pittsboro, North Carolina

Note: I am an historian, as well as a genealogist.

Elliott’s Island, Gray’s Island and Langrall’s Island Cemeteries

Reprinted from Dorchester County, MD Genealogical Magazine, editor Debby Moxey

Ann Foley and Freddie T. Waller have completed their new book “Elliott’s Island, Gray’s Island and Langrall’s Island Cemeteries”

There are 96 pages and 40 photographs and charts. It includes complete transcriptions of all surviving inscriptions in 11 cemeteries on the 3 islands, plus information on unmarked burial sites, charts and a locator map of the cemeteries, and additional genealogical information.

Contact Freddie Waller at 2315 Elliott Island Road, Elliott Island, MD 21869  or email

Dorchester County Cemetery Preservation Organization

This Facebook group is dedicated to protecting and preserving cemeteries in Dorchester County and offers voluntary guidance with restoring, identifying, and maintaining cemeteries and graveyards.
Eddie Dean is administrator of this Facebook site, created in February 2020. Working to save the cemetery on Hoopers Island, he is involved in other local clean-ups as well.
Contact information:  410-713-1357.

Helpful County Resources:

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Dorchester County Cemetery Preservation Organization

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Dorchester County, Maryland Genealogical Magazine


Dorchester County – MD Tombstone Transcription Project


Lower DelMarVa Genealogical Society

P. O. Box 3602
Salisbury, MD 21802-3602

Book: Tombstone Records of Dorchester County, Maryland, 1678-1964

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