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Baltimore County, established 1659, county seat Towson.

News from the County:

In the Summer 2005 issue of the Courier there was information regarding the Shealey Cemetery in Towson. “The cemetery has been in the news lately for the effort to have the area designated as historic. It is in one of the Towson Center shopping district parking lots. It is relatively well cared for, i.e., grass is cut and trash removed.”, according to Melvin Mason.

Here are the minutes of the Landmarks Preservation Commission hearing held on November 10, 2005.

Next was item 13, the Shealey Cemetery, a ca. 140 years-old burial place of the town’s founders. The recommendation was to place it on the Landmarks List under criteria 1 and 5 (that it has yielded, or may be likely to yield information or materials important in prehistory or history).

Mr. Mike Davis, representing Heritage Properties, stated that his client was not opposed to the nomination. Referring to a written agreement between Heritage and the descendants of the Shealey family, Heritage committed to preserve and maintain the property. He also claimed that cemeteries were protected under State law. He continued that the reason for his appearance before the Commission was that there was a major development project for the site surrounding the cemetery. He did not wish that Landmarks Listing would impact these plans and wanted this to be reflected in the minutes. Referring to a letter prepared by Mr. David Iannucci, Executive Director of the Department of Economic Development, Mr. Davis noted that his request was within the spirit of County Plans for this site. Mr. Matthews inquired whether the proposed development would allow the existence of the cemetery to continue.

Mr. Davis replied that the plans asked for enhancement and raised awareness of the cemetery. Mr. Griffith asked who owned the cemetery. Ms. Ruth Muscari answered that John McGrain researched the property years ago, but that clear ownership was never established.

Ms. McIver moved to place the Shealey Cemetery on the Preliminary Landmarks List under Criteria 1 and 5. Mr. Stevens seconded the motion, which passed unanimously on a voice vote.

Century-old cemetery is unlikely tennant for Towson Circle III“, The Baltimore Sun, February 8, 2012.

Baltimore County Genealogical Society Burial Project –

Shealey Cemetery in Towson, Maryland taken by Melvin Mason

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