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Allegany County, established 1789, county seat Cumberland.

News from the County:

County commissioners recognize Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization

Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization board members meet with Mayor Ray Morriss and Sen. Mike McKay at the CHCO Headquarters, 400 S. Allegany St. The CHCO 40th year anniversary banner was presented and hung at the headquarters. The event was followed by a meeting to plan monument projects for the year. From the left are Mark Jones, Malinda Newhouse, Jim Ali, Ed Taylor Jr., Larry Haines, Christina Taylor, the Rev. Michael Mudge, Dale Burgess, Peggy Keene, David Burcaw, Brett Dimaio, Morriss and McKay. To learn more, visit

CUMBERLAND, Md. — The Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization was recognized for its 40th anniversary at Thursday’s Allegany County commissioners meeting.

Ed Taylor Jr., president of the organization, said the group has built roughly 900 monuments valued at more than $5.5 million, roughly 90% of which has come from the private sector over the past 40 years.

He thanked county officials for their support, and praised the organization’s volunteers for their help including to mow grass in cemeteries over the years.

“Monuments are more than just a tribute to the great men and women of our country in the past,” Taylor said of the markers that tell stories of history for future generations to read.

“To date we have monuments literally in almost every cemetery in Allegany County,” he said.

Monuments are also permanent, Taylor said.

“Programs come and go, buildings come and go, but gravestones are supposed to stay there until the end of all time,” he said.

Taylor said the organization in 1991 became a charter member of the Coalition to Protect Maryland Burial Sites.

“Maryland does have the best cemetery laws,” he said.

The commissioners proclaimed Feb. 23 Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization Day.

Taylor said folks can learn more about the organization at its website


On All Souls Day November 2, 2019 the Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization held a memorial and restoration unveiling of the Carpenter Mausoleum located in Rose Hill Cemetery on Fayette St., Cumberland. The CHCO has worked to restore the structure for several months. The Carpenters were the founders of nearby Carpendale, WV. Dr. George Carpenter was a well-known medical doctor and during the Civil War he was a Captain in the 1 st Virginia Calvary of the Confederate States of America. For more Carpenter family history and information on the mausoleum visit the CHCO website at

On Thursday July 4, 2019 the CHCO held their annual event at the CHCO Headquarters to honor the American Revolutionary War dead. The well-attended event included several speakers and the reading of the Captain David Lynn Plaque. The plaque was installed on the 1801 columns in front of the headquarters in 2008 by the CHCO. After the plaque reading, members and guests traveled to Rose Hill Cemetery on Fayette Street. Wreathes were placed on the Lynn gravesite and Thomas Beall’s grave. Thomas Beall was the Founder of Cumberland. CHCO members Francis “Champ” Zumbrun and Dennis Bittinger planted a “Liberty Tree” at the Thomas Beall gravesite.

Pictured below: July 4th Ceremony at Rose Hill Cemetery. Captain David Lynn’s gravesite, Thomas Beall’s gravesite (the Founder of Cumberland), and the Liberty Tree.  CHCO President Ed Taylor and Cumberland Mayor Ray Morriss placed a wreath on the gravesite of Thomas Beall. Thomas Beall was an American Revolutionary War Soldier and the founder of Cumberland, Maryland. CHCO erected the monument in 2014.

Helpful County Resources:

Allegany County – Sailor, Maryland’s Public Information Network


Allegany County Library System                             

31 Washington Street
Cumberland, MD  21502-2981


Allegany College of Maryland Library

12401 Willowbrook Road, SW
Cumberland, MD  21502
(301) 784-5276


Allegany County Administration

Allegany County Office Complex
701 Kelly Road, 4th Floor
Cumberland, MD  21502
(301) 777-2427


Allegany County Commissioner’s Office

701 Kelly Road, 4th Floor
Cumberland, MD  21502
(301) 777-5911


Allegany County Historical Society

218 Washington Street
Cumberland, MD  21502



Circuit Court for Allegany County                             

Court House
30 Washington Street
Cumberland, MD  21502                                                 


Frostburg State University

Lewis J. Ort Library (Appalachian Room)
101 Braddock Road
Frostburg, MD  21532-1099


Genealogical Society of Allegany County                  

P.O. Box 3103
La Vale, MD  21504-3103                              


Maryland Tombstone Transcription Project for Allegany County  


Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization

400 S. Allegany
Cumberland, MD 21502
(301) 722-4624


National Park Service

National Register of Historic Places, Cumberland


Allegany Cemetery, see Frostburg Memorial Park, Frostburg
Allegany County Cemetery, Cumberland
Ashbury Chapel, Cumberland
B & O Railroad (Old Youngblood Place),Cumberland
Barlett Cemetery, Moscow
Barton Family Cemetery, Rawlings
Beeman Cemetery, Lonaconing
Beeman Cemetery, Klondike
Belvedere Cemetery, see Saint Josephs Catholic Cemetery, Midland
Biertown Cemetery, Rawlings
Boggs Family Farm Cemetery, Oldtown
Boggs Farm Cemetery, Flintstone
Brinkman-Rine Cemetery, Little Orleans
Brode Cemetery, Frostburg
Brokemarkle Family Cemetery, Flintstone
Brotemarkle Family Cemetery, Cumberland
Browning Cemetery, Flintstone
Bucy – Irons Mountain, Evitts Creek
Bucy Cemetery, Pumpkin Center
Bucy Cemetery, Flintstone
Bucy, Bowden, Gross, Willison Cemetery, Cumberland
Bucy-Harmon Cemetery, Town Creek
Buskirk Cemetery, Gilmore
C & O Canal Cemetery, Keifers
Catherine Michael Cemetery, see Jacobs Cemetery, Lonaconing
Cecil Cemetery, Cresaptown
Centenary United Methodist Church Cemetery, Cumberland
Clise’s Cemetery, Eckhart Mines
Cooks, Frostburg
Cooks Mill Cemetery, (location unknown)
Corbus Cemetery, Barton
Crabtree Family Cemetery, Cumberland
Cresap, Rawlings
Cresap Cemetery, Rawlings
Cresaptown United Methodist Church, Cresaptown
Cutter Family Cemetery, Lonaconing
Davidson Family Cemetery, Cumberland
Davis Family Cemetery, Spring Gap
Davis Memorial Cemetery, Cumberland
Dawson Cemetery, Dawson
Dayton Cemetery, McCoole
Deffinbaugh, (location unknown)
Dolly Cemetery, Flintstone
Duckworth, Barton
Duckworth at Stoney Run, Westernport
Duckworth on Hampshire Hill, Westernport
Dye Cemetery #1, Lonaconing
Dye Cemetery #2, Barton
Eastview Cemetery, Cumberland
Eckhart Family Cemetery, Eckhart Mines
Eckhart Mines Cemetery, Eckhart Mines
ELBIN Cemetery, Flintstone
Fairview Cemetery, (location unknown)
Fifty-Four Cemetery, (location unknown)
Fisher Cemetery, Spring Gap
Fletcher Cemetery, Flintstone
Flintstone Memorial, Flintstone
Flintstone Mennonite Church Cemetery, Flintstone
Fort Green Cemetery, (location unknown)
Frostburg Memorial Park, Frostburg
George & Barbara (Loar) Beeman Cemetery, Lonaconing
George Beeman Cemetery, see Beeman Cemetery, Klondike
German Beneficiary Cemetery, see German Lutheran Cemetery, Cumberland
German Lutheran Cemetery, Cumberland
German Lutheran Cemetery, Frostburg
Glendale Church of the Brethren Cemetery, Flintstone
Good Hope Cemetery, Barton
Goodwin Cemetery, Lonaconing
Green Cemetery, see Jacobs Cemetery, Lonaconing
Green Meadow Cemetery, Flintstone
Green Mount Cemetery, Cumberland
Griffith Johnson Family Cemetery, Oldtown
Hansel Cemetery, see Jacobs Cemetery, Lonaconing
Hansel Farm Cemetery, Frostburg
Hartley, Oldtown
Hartley Cemetery, Oldtown
Hartsock Cemetery # 1, Oldtown
Hendrickson Cemetery, (location unknown)
Hillcrest Memorial Park, Cumberland
Hilleary Burial Grounds, Oldtown
Hinkle Cemetery, Cumberland
Hoadley Cemetery, Oldtown
Hoblitzell, Wolfe Mill
Hutson Cemetery, Rawlings
Jacobs Cemetery, Lonaconing
Johnson Cemetery, Frostburg
Kerns Cemetery, Oldtown
Ketterman Cemetery, Flintstone
King Cemetery, Ellerslie
Koontz Cemetery, Midland
Lamar Cemetery-Sandy Creek, Evitts Creek
Lamar Family Cemetery, Cumberland
Lashley Cemetery, Flintstone
Laurel Hill Cemetery, Moscow
Lease Cemetery, Cresaptown
Llewellyn, Midland
Llewellyn Farm Cemetery, Barton
Loar Cemetery, Loarville
Long Cemetery, Oldtown
Lutheran Cemetery, (location unknown)
Martin Cemetery, (location unknown)
Martin of Stoney Run Hollow, Westernport
Martin-Waggoner Cemetery, Oldtown
 Veterans Cemetery at Rocky Gap, see Rocky Gap Veterans Cemetery, Flintstone
Matthews Cemetery, Oldtown
McCoy Cemetery #1, Green Ridge
McCoy Cemetery #2, see Rooster Hill Cemetery, Gilpin
McKenzie Cemetery, Frostburg
McKenzie Cemetery, Pinto
Meadow Point Cemetery, Cumberland
Merchant, Green Ridge
Merrbach Family Cemetery, (location unknown)
Miller Cemetery, Barton
Miller Cemetery, Westernport
Miller Farm Cemetery, Lonaconing
Miller or McGowan, Lonaconing
Moore CemeteryBarton,
Morrison Cemetery, (location unknown)
Moscow Mills Cemetery, (location unknown)
Moses McKenzie Cemetery, La Vale
Mount Calvary Lutheran Church Cemetery, Westernport
Mount Hermon Church Cemetery, Cumberland
Mount Olive Cemetery, Oldtown
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Cumberland
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, see Saint Michaels Cemetery, Frostburg
Mount Savage United Methodist Church Cemetery, Mount Savage
Mount Tabor Cemetery, Spring Gap
Mount Zion Cemetery, see Green Mount Cemetery, Cumberland
Mount Zion Cemetery, (location unknown)
Mount Zion United Methodist Church, Frostburg
Mountain View Cemetery, Moscow
Neff Cemetery, see Winter-Clise Cemetery, Frostburg
Norris Cemetery, Little Orleans
Northcraft Cemetery, Little Orleans
Oak Hill Cemetery, Lonaconing
Odd Fellows Cemetery, Flintstone
Old Coney Cemetery, Lonaconing
Old Detmold Hill, Lonaconing
Old Saint Peter’s Catholic, Westernport
Oldtown Catholic Cemetery, Oldtown
Oldtown Cemetery, Oldtown
Oldtown United Methodist Church Cemetery, see Oldtown Cemetery, Oldtown
Oldtown Veterans Cemetery, Oldtown
Oliver Grove Cemetery, Oldtown
Oliver’s Grove Cemetery, Oldtown
Peace Cross Bel Air
Percy Cemetery, Frostburg
Philos Cemetery, Westernport
Piney Plains Methodist Church Cemetery, Bellegrove
Pinto Mennonite Cemetery, Pinto
Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Cumberland
Poland Family Burial Ground, Westernport
Polish Mountain Cemetery, Flintstone
Pollock Cemetery, (location unknown)
Poly Neil Road Cemetery, Flintstone
Porter Cemetery, Eckhart
Porter-Cresap Cemetery, Rawlings
Price Wesleyan Cemetery, Little Orleans
Prosperity United Methodist Church Cemetery, Flintstone
Reckley Cemetery, Oldtown
Restlawn Memorial Gardens, La Vale
Rice Cemetery, Twiggtown
Rice-Hite Cemetery, Bowmans Addition
Rine Cemetery, Little Orleans
Robinette Cemetery, Flintstone
Robosson Cemetery, Flintstone
Roby Cemetery, , Little Orleans
Rocky Gap Veterans Cemetery, Flintstone
Rooster Hill Cemetery, Gilpin
Rose Hill Cemetery, Cumberland
Rose Meadow Cemetery, see: Porter Cemetery, Eckhart
Ryar-Loar Cemetery, Vale Summit
Ryer Loar, Vale Summit
Saint Ambrose Catholic Cemetery, Cresaptown
Saint Gabriels Cemetery, Barton
Saint Georges Episcopal Church Cemetery, Mount Savage
Saint John’s Episcopal Columbarium, Frostburg
Saint Josephs Catholic Cemetery, Midland
Saint Luke’s Lutheran Cemetery, Cumberland
Saint Lukes Cemetery, Cumberland
Saint Marys Cemetery, Cumberland
Saint Marys Cemetery, Lonaconing
Saint Michaels Cemetery, Frostburg
Saint Patricks Cemetery, Mount Savage
Saint Patricks Cemetery, Cumberland
Saint Patricks Cemetery, Little Orleans
Saint Peters Catholic Cemetery, Westernport
Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery, Cumberland
Samuel Wilson Cemetery, Rush
Shipley Cemetery, Little Orleans
Shryock Cemetery, Pumpkin Center
Shuler Cemetery, Oldtown
Sigler Family Cemetery, Westernport
Sigler Farm, Barton
Sines Cemetery, (location unknown)
Slider Cemetery, Green Ridge
Stallings Cemetery, Oldtown
Steele Cemetery, Lonaconing
Stewart Cemetery, Flintstone
Steyer Farm Cemetery, Frostburg
Stickley Farm Family Cemetery, Flintstone
Stoney Run Cemetery–Westernport, Westernport
Sulphur Springs Cemetery, Oldtown
Sumner Cemetery, Cumberland
Sunset Memorial Park, Cumberland
Tomlinson Cemetery, Ellerslie
Totten Cemetery, Lonaconing
Trail Family, Little Orleans
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Cumberland
Twigg Cemetery #1, Flintstone
Twigg Cemetery #2, Flintstone
Twigg Cemetery #4, Oldtown
Twigg Cemetery #5, Oldtown
Twigg-Dolan Cemetery, Flintstone
Twigg-Slider Cemeteries, Flintstone
Twigg-Willison Cemetery, Twiggtown
Union Grove Cemetery, Cumberland
Union of Friendship Cemetery, (location unknown)
Vale Summit Methodist Cemetery, Vale Summit
Valentine Cemetery, Cumberland

Wise-Cline Cemetery, Frostburg

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